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This listing is for our slow feeding foraging ball and is well suited for dogs, cats, pigs, bunnies, guinea pigs, and other small pets who sniff out treats!

Engage your pet's natural abilities to forage & search for food.
Stimulate their mind & other senses to break boredom.
Encourage good digging behavior by providing a source to dig, scratch, toss and roll.
Better digestion by slowing down how quickly their able to eat their treats/food.

Small- 5 inches, higher difficulty level since the pockets are smaller
Large- 7 inches

Choose the primary color for your snuffle ball. All snuffle balls will be made with a white secondary color. Color options match our original foraging mats! Custom requests are welcome!

Made with fleece, not felt so it won't tear or rip! Fleece strips are long so your pet has to really search for their food! Knotted by hand.

Hand wash & air dry to maintain the fleece.